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What is cfosSPEED:

CFosSpeed allows you to accelerate your Internet connection speed. Indeed, when you perform several tasks at once (online game, file retrieval, VoIp applications, etc.) This utility manages and organizes the passage of packets according to priorities that it has put in place to optimize the bandwidth and individually increase the performance of each application in terms of speed.

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CFosSpeed is an Internet tool designed to optimize your bandwidth and reduce your Ping in order to speed up your Internet connection. Much like TCP optimize, this tool effectively optimizes network traffic, but also increases throughput and maintains a high connection even during intensive download phases. It reduces the problems of streaming audio/video and improves the quality of VoIP calls (telephony over IP).

CFosSpeed tries to maintain a low Ping, very important factor for networked games over the Internet. Finally, this version now allows to improve your mobile Internet, if you use your PC with a 3g key for example.

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For the technical part, CFosSpeed uses an internal technology to control the bandwidth (CFosSpeed’s Traffic Shaping) and which detailed explanations in English its available on the site of the publisher. It also works on a basis of separating the various services used on your PC (chat, call, streaming, etc.) so that they avoid conflict.

It analyzes data in real time and prioritizes data packets, protocols as well as important programs relative to the rest of the Internet traffic. A color graph in the lower right corner will also give you a live preview of the use of your connection.

CFosSpeed supports DSL, cable, WLAN, CDMA2000, UMTS, WCDMA, Modem, ISDN and 2g/3g mobile Internet connections. It works with the 32 and 64 bit versions of the latest versions of Windows (since XP) and its trial period covers 30 days. The full paid version will cost you €14.90.

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cFosSpeed is the web speeding up programming with movement forming and transfer speed administration. This program is introduced as a gadget driver of the system stack. It additionally works with Windows organizing stack as a driver. Essentially, it is a system to . cFosSpeed 10.22 full version appends itself to The second associations for better outcomes. You may think, how it helps the speed of perusing as for without eFosSpeed.

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Here it goes to streamline information exchange by methods for movement forming. What’s more, activity molding is a novel strategy for advancing the web movement. Likewise, it licenses most extreme speed while guaranteeing pinging. On the off chance that you are interested to utilize cFosSpeed 10.21 Latest version then you can utilize it with link modem, DSL modem, and switch alike. Also, It underpins a wide assortment of associations like as ISDN, UMTS, link, WiMAX, and DSL and so forth.

Main Features:

  • Fast Navigation: CFosSpeed incorporates HTTP recognition that causes the opening of a page to accelerate. This assertion is also valid for many interactive applications such as SSL, SSH, Telnet, IRC, etc.
  • Priorisations Management: The prioritization process classifies the data packets so that Exchange exchanges can work with a maximum download rate. Thus, the user will be able to enjoy the upstream bandwidth with EMule, Kazaa, Bittorrent, and other download tools.
  • Online Games: Traffic Shaping provides a high transfer rate. With the help of optimal pings, it is now possible to make the games priority and minimize the response time. CFosSpeed brings together a list of the most well-known games to prioritize. In addition, the user will always be able to add his own game.

Cfosspeed serial number 10.21 [Updated]

cFosSpeed 10.26 works with Windows organizing stack as a driver. Where firewall sends bundles and application layer dissects that parcels. After that cFosSpeed 10.22 Final Version download partitions that bundles in various classes. That is the reason this application conveys you better perusing knowledge and better download and transfer speed. cFosSpeed is an utility instrument for your work area that will quicken the speed of web up to 4X.

The most recent variant of cFosSpeed 10.22 Full download accompanies upgraded innovation that has not yet accessible in other programming. In the event that you have a 2 G or 3 G arrange then you should utilize this product for speediest perusing knowledge. On the off chance that you are scanning for premium cFosSpeed 10.22 at that point there are two choices for you. First is to purchase an activation key from official site. Second one is that is free of cost and that is cFosSpeed 10.22. The client can download it from this webpage.

Features of cfosspeed Serial Number 10.26

  • It gives you little deferrals (ping time)
  • Enhances information throughput by maintaining a strategic distance from arrange blockages
  • FosSpeed 10.21 has HTTP stream location include
  • Included Prioritization of streams
  • Client can design need of individual applications
  • Take diagram of associations
  • Effectively diminish need and increment too
  • It has enhanced VoIP discourse quality
  • There is less slack in web based playing recreations
  • cFosSpeed 10.21 has included delightful status window with extra skins
  • This application can perform layer-7 convention identification
  • You will experience such an astounding knowledge
  • Most recent form has enhance versatile web alternatives
  • It is greatly improved than other programming
  • Effortlessly actuate premium form for lifetime
  • Lessens up to 75 percent video and sound spilling issues
  • Accompanies fixed issues
  • Basic UI

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