Zipping files compresses them so they take up less space on your hard drive, and the smaller ZIP files can more quickly be shared with others or transferred to other computers. You can zip files and/or folders in Windows 10 directly from File Explorer–no third-party tools needed.

To zip one or more files or folders in Windows 10, the first step is to open up File Explorer. From there, all you have to do is select your files and use either the Send To menu or the Ribbon menu, whichever you prefer.

how to compress files

How to Compress File ( with Send To Menu Technique )

  • Select the file(s) and/or folder(s) you want to compress. If you want to zip just one file or folder, skip to step 2. Otherwise, there are two ways to select multiple files and folders:
    To select a consecutive group of files or folders, click the first item, then hold down the Shift key and click on the last item. The two files/folders you selected and everything in between will be selected.

How do I compress a large file

To select non-consecutive files or folders, hold down the Ctrl key as you select the individual files and/or folders.

  • Right-click on the file or folder (or group of files or folders), then point to Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder.

How can I make a file smaller

  • Name the ZIP file. Enter the name you want the zipped file to have or hit Enter to accept the suggested filename.

(Note: Windows automatically suggests a filename for the ZIP file based on the file you right-click on.)

How to Zip a File in Windows 10 ( Drag & Drop Technique )

Finally, you can add files and folders to an existing ZIP file simply by selecting the ones you’d like to add then dragging them on top of the ZIP file.

How do you create a zip file

How to Use Winzip/Winrar/7-Zip to Compress Files

Winzip Method:

WinZip is a free application that you can download from the WinZip official website so once you have WinZip installed on your computer you can use it to zip files.

  • Choose the file you want to Zip, I choose MP3 music to compress it. Now,  right-click on the file and then that to WinZip options. Just put your mouse over the lower option and another menu will appear on your right-hand side and then select up the second option.

compress files using winzip

  • I am using the free version with the evaluation version of Winzip we should see a window like this they just click used evolution version.

compress files using winrar

  • You will find a zipped file after some updated message.
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