What’s the password to your Wi-Fi network, anyway? Whether you’ve changed the default password or not, it’s simple to find your Wi-Fi password. You can also lookup any Wi-Fi network password if you’ve previously connected to that network from a Windows PC or Mac.

This is essential for hooking up new devices to a network. Whether you’ve misplaced your home network’s password or you’re visiting someone and don’t want to ask them for the password a second time, here’s how you can find it.

How to Find Wifi Password on Windows

Most people try to write the password down somewhere or simply check on the router every time they need to give it to someone else. Luckily, if you already have a computer connected to your WiFi network, you can easily view the password there.

 How Do I Find my WiFi Password on my Computer

If you’ve connected to a Wi-Fi network from a Windows laptop or desktop PC, Windows will remember that Wi-Fi network’s password. You can look up the Wi-Fi password on any Windows computer that’s currently connected to–or has previously connected to–that Wi-Fi network.

Steps to Find your Saved Password

  • Moving our cursor over to the taskbar on the right-hand side of our screen and right-click on our Wi-Fi and then click on “Open Network and Sharing”.

how to find wifi password on windows 10

  • Once that is open we go up here and left-click on the Wi-Fi network that we are presently connected.


How do I find my WiFi password on my computer

  • Now, go down and click on the “Wireless Properties”.

How do I find out what my WiFi password is on a PC

  • Go up here and click on the “Security” tab and then go down checkmark to “Show Characters” with a left-click.

how to find wifi password on windows

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