Windows 10 holds a wide array of useful features that can make our lives easier, but personal preference always wins out, so if there is anything you’d like to turn off or not see again it’s nice and easy to make that happen.

Want to get rid of the advertisements in Windows 10 too? We have a guide for that right here.

Notifications can be distracting if you’re running multiple programs at once, as they will pop up at the bottom right of your screen no matter what you’re doing. We’re going to show you how to turn them off.

How to Turn Off Notifications on Windows 10

Notifications can be distracting, but Windows 10 has a one-click switch that disables all of them. You can also disable notifications for individual apps, or hide the many other notifications that appear throughout Windows.

Follow the steps to Turn Off Notifications

  • We’re gonna start by heading over to our Start menu and we’re going to left-click on that and then we’re gonna left click on settings.

how to turn off notifications on windows 10

  • Now left-click on the System. (The first option of the setting)

disable notifications in windows

  • There are a Notifications in action section you’ll want to left-click on that if you scroll down on the right side. Here you can disable/enable all the notification of Apps and Windows support.

How do we turn off the notification in Windows 10

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