One of the easiest ways to connect a peripheral to a Windows PC is via Bluetooth. Whether it’s a mouse, a keyboard, a speaker, or something else entirely, it’s easy to pair and connect via Bluetooth and performance has significantly improved over the years. Not all Windows PCs come with Bluetooth out of the box, but Bluetooth dongles are inexpensive to purchase and easy enough to install.

To connect your Bluetooth device (headphones, mouse, etc.), or to transfer files from your iPhone to your PC via Bluetooth, you need to turn on Bluetooth on Windows 10 first.

How to Turn on Bluetooth Windows 10

  • On your keyboard, hold down the Windows logo key and press the I key to open the Settings window. ( You can search in cortana by typing Bluetooth and other devices settings )

How to Turn on Bluetooth Windows 10

  • Click the switch (currently set to Off) to turn on Bluetooth. (The status will change to On.)

windows 10 how to turn on bluetooth

  • Add a device.

turn on bluetooth in windows 10

  • Choose one from three option. If you want to connect any other Bluetooth device as a keyboard or an audio headset or a speaker simply click on the first option.

how do i turn on bluetooth in windows 10

  • Click on this option or if you have anything else such as a wireless display or dock, wireless monitors.

how to turn on the bluetooth in windows 10

  • If you have Xbox controllers you can choose the last option.

windows 10 bluetooth

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