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Opera mini is a secure web browser that is both fast and rich in features. User can enjoy its amazing features,Download manager, Customization themes, Extensions,Private browsing mode.To get  all features go with Opera Mini latest Updated Version having a lot of function good looking tabs and high speed for fast browsing download  for window 7,window 8,window 8.1 and window 10 in 32 bit and 64 bit Operating system for PC or mac book  user can get also App for Android Mobile Phones on play store as opera mini app.

Opera Mini latest Updated Version


Application name: Opera Mini mobile web browser
Developer: Opera Software ASA
Price: Free
Supported OS: iOS 7.0 or later, Android 1.5 or later
Category: Tools
“Opera Mini” with data compression function

Let’s use the application to use the smartphone more comfortably and comfortably. In this corner, I will introduce the “Tappansu” application necessary for smartphone users carefully selected by the editorial department from among the seasonal apps that appear one after another!

By suppressing the upper limit and the speed of data communication, SIM services realizing a reasonable fee are appearing one after another. Career companies have also set a step-by-step data communication plan as options, so that it is becoming possible to choose a service suited to their usage more. I want to think about how to use the net with less communication. The Web browser “Opera Mini latest updated version” has a data compression function, and it seems to save savings if it is used well. How much will it change?
Web browser that “reduces the amount of data by up to 90%”

“Opera Mini” is a version optimized for smart phones out of the overwhelmingly long history Web browser “Opera” series than Google Chrome. Apart from this, an application called “Opera browser for Android” has also been released, but “Opera Mini” is designed to operate with less resources and limited functions.

The most important feature of “Opera Mini” is the data compression function of “reducing the amount of Web content data by” 90% maximum “. Once the data of the accessed Web site is compressed on the server and then received at the terminal, it is structured so that it can browse with a small communication volume.

Typical functions other than data compression include “Speed ​​Dial” which makes it easy to access common Web sites.
It is also a tab type browser that allows you to open multiple web pages at the same time and view them while switching measure the effect of data compression function!
How much traffic will be changed by this data compression function? I tried to access smartphone version of Mobile Watch, I read the site TOP page and 15 July updated articles exactly and checked the actual traffic volume.

By comparison, operate the Android standard “Browser” and “Chrome” in the same way, check the traffic volume. The prefetching function of the contents of standard browser and Chrome is turned off. We used “traffic volume monitor [packet monitor]” for measuring traffic volume.

Measurement result of data communication amount in each Web browser.Application “communication volume monitor” used for measuring traffic volume. You can check the amount of traffic for each application at regular intervals.

“Opera Mini latest updated version” which is effectively compressing. Standard browsers tough results
As you can see from the result graph, ‘Opera Mini’ has the smallest amount of traffic. Chrome is fairly well, though, as Chrome itself has data compression capabilities. Although it is not the same as “Opera Mini”, it can be said that still a minimum saving has been realized.

Meanwhile, the standard browser seems to be communicating twice the data of Chrome. For users who have chosen plans with low data traffic limits, they can be said to be completely unfriendly applications.

If you are subscribing to a plan with a data traffic limit of 1 GB, if you access the news article 15 times this time per day if “Opera Mini”, it will run out in just one month. However, if it is a standard browser, it is calculated to reach the upper limit in about 11 days. People using standard browsers want to switch to “Opera Mini” right away.

“Opera Mini” I found that I can save a lot of data savings, but I also want to keep in mind. Because it is an application that has only the function of the level which does not hinder the minimum viewing of the web contents, it is different from the case where the page layout is displayed by other web browsers, and it is not possible to use 100% of the web site having the interactive function There is.

If you want to utilize the net to the extent possible while saving the amount of traffic as much as possible, use “Opera Mini” when you want to browse a simple web site, and want to access it by everyday appearance Website “Chrome” It is good to use properly according to the scene, such as using.

Comparison with Other Browsers

Opera mini latest updated version is best for the modern web. There are many numbers of competitors such are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer except it have a large number of users . However, it is bang up to date with cutting edge technology and remains a strong contender in the browser wars.

Opera Mini latest Updated Version

Additional Features

Opera Mini latest updated version is the most popular and efficient mobile browsers available, featuring a built-in ad blocker, data savings, and news feed.

Opera Mini latest Updated Version

You can download Opera Mini Latest Version 2018 Free to just click on download below:



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